Livery Guide

Livery Rules

Forza GT Masters Season 4 Livery Guide:

All cars must carry the series’ numberboard and abide by the following livery rules. Liveries containing tobacco, drug, pornographic/sexual or criminal sponsorship or references are forbidden. Also please be aware that certain symbols are banned in Germany, so if you are unsure whether a certain sponsor/logo is allowed, make sure to contact one of the marshals. 

The series’ numberboards must be clearly visible on 3 sides of the car (the bonnet, the right and left side). The (Font number 1, 0.25 skew factor) URL must also be run either on the front or rear bumper of the car. All mandatory decals are available for download by searching for the gamertag “GRT MB AMG”. 

The marshals reserve the right to decide whether a paint complies with the rules or not and sanction the driver accordingly.